Gujarat is not India's paradise, 92 agitations are going on, what is the politics of the agitations?

In this way a total of 93 agitations are going on in Gujarat. Which is the highest of any state in the country? The biggest movement is going on in the state where the voice of the people is not heard. People are fighting in front of 59 land disputes – agitations – conflicts in Gujarat. In which 21 lakh people are directly affected. Due to the agitation, investment of 13,01,281 hectares of land and industries worth Rs 2 lakh 25 thousand crore has been directly affected.

Gujarat is not India's paradise, 92 agitations are going on, what is the politics of the agitations?
Gujarat is not India's paradise, 92 agitations are going on, what is the politics of the agitations?

Dilip Patel

Gandhinagar, 21 September 2022

Apart from 20 movements of government employees, there are 14 agitations and 59 movements against land and industries by small groups of farmers. In this way a total of 93 agitations are going on in Gujarat. Which is the highest of any state in the country?

The biggest movement is going on in the state where the voice of the people is not heard. People are fighting in front of 59 land disputesagitationsconflicts in Gujarat. In which 21 lakh people are directly affected. Due to the agitation, investment of 13,01,281 hectares of land and industries worth Rs 2 lakh 25 thousand crore has been directly affected.

A 5 ministerial committee was formed to end the agitation in Gujarat in September after PM Modi's visit in August. They are protesting in Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat. The movement has turned into an urbanized Gandhinagar police camp and fortifications.

Jantar Mantar

There are 117 government employees unions in Gujarat. Out of which the government has now approved 75. The recognition of new congregations has been stopped for 21 years after Modi became the Chief Minister. A dharna is to be organized at Jantar Mantar in Delhi on 14 October 2022 by the coordination committee of unions.

93 movement in front of the government of the people

The government is not ready to listen to anyone for the ongoing 93 movement in Gujarat. The one who listens is either under the umbrella of BJP, or like the wings of the BJP like the Kisan Sangh. Thus, the government will meet their demands in the days before the election announcement and then promise to accept their demands after the election. But in reality there are 56 movements which the Cabinet Committee does not have time to meet or hear.

Modi said no, more agitations increased

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had to intervene and order the Gujarat government to resolve the citizens' agitation in Gujarat. Since the formation of the committee for this, the movement has intensified. Who are mostly associated with BJP and Sangh. There are prepaid campaigns, which get the sympathy of the agitators in search of solutions at the time of elections. Any movement is a sympathetic movement.

The agitations intensified after Modi constituted a committee of ministers to stop the agitation. When Modi was the General Secretary of BJP in Gujarat, he had given the master key to agitating against the first BJP government of the then Chief Minister Keshubhai Patel.

The movement that started suddenly in Bhupendra Patel's government also happened on the instructions of Modi. Modi asked to form a committee to settle the agitation.

BJP has always been trying to agitate before the elections. To drag the agitating classes with them by giving what the government already wants to give. In this particular workers' movement has been started. Settlement is also immediate.

Modi meeting at airport

Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel formed a committee of 5 ministers. In which Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a two-day visit to Gujarat, met Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel and Chief Secretary K. Met Kailashnathan for about 2 hours. The BJP does not inform the public or journalists when such a meeting takes place. But the journalists were told from the front that there is talk of forming a committee regarding the workers' movement.

No details have been released about when the movement began and what discussions went along with the unions.

Cabinet ministers committee

A committee of 5 ministers has been formed, which includes State Home and Revenue Minister Harsh Sanghvi, Education Minister Jitu Vaghani, Health Minister Rushikesh Patel, Labor and Employment Minister Bajesh Merja and Finance Minister Kanu Desai. Whatever decision this committee takes, it will take such decisions which will benefit BJP.

In such a situation, as the elections are approaching, the movement of government employees has intensified. They are trying to stifle the nose of the government with their various demands. As soon as this committee was announced, 18 agitations started simultaneously in which the demands of 15 agitations were accepted and lakhs of voters have been appeased.

Congress failed

Gujarat Congress has not stood with these agitators. Congress did nothing regarding the movement. Nothing was done except sympathy for the agitators. Didn't even try to put pressure on Bhapendra Patel's government. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is out in India Jodo Yatra. The prospects of Congress in Gujarat are bleak.

Aam Aadmi Party Strategy

In this way, the Aam Aadmi Party has fueled the agitation in Gujarat. AAP and BJP benefited from this but Congress is in the middle. Even the national leaders of Congress do not pay attention to Gujarat.

critical movement

Employees have camped in Gandhinagar for their job security, permanent demands. Forest Guard and Ranger are also demanding to fix their Grade Pay, Holiday Pay, PTA, Recruitment-Promotion Ratio, Tenure. There are also 14 demands of class IV government employees.

Pension issue not accepted

In government schools, teachers and other government employees descended on the mass CL. In the old secretariat of Gandhinagar, the employees also staged a sit-in, raising slogans against the government. There is also a movement on behalf of the Board of Revenue Personnel to restart the old pension scheme.

The village complainants of the panchayat are agitating against the assistant government.

a big movement

Movement of class 3 and 4 employees, movement of VCE employees, LRD women candidates in the field, protest of 12 lakh contractual employees, protest of ST and board corporation employees, midday meal workers

93 What and Why Movement?

1 Movement against Cheat Fund – Movement is going on in tribal areas against the scam of 10 thousand crores of cheat funds. 10 thousand families are victims. 8 thousand crore scheme of Sahara in Vadodara There is a movement against

3 Sainik Movement - One person died in the movement of ex-servicemen in Gujarat. The death of a retired army jawan has sparked outrage among soldiers, protesting by breaking hoardings. Ex-servicemen seem to be firm on their outstanding demands. He has also written to the Governor to return the medal.

4. OPS Movement of Teachers

5. Grade Pay Movement of Policemen

6. Forest Guard Movement - A large number of small employees are working as forest guards and foresters in the forest department in the state. Since they are currently getting meager wages, against which they are getting respectable compensatory pay commensurate with their performance, this category of employees are on the path of mass agitation. Demand to give grade pay to forest guard, demand to give King's Day pay, demand to fix duty hours. They have been demanding for several months but their demands are not being resolved. There was a movement of forest guards and forest workers in which the demands were fulfilled.

7. Farmers Movement - Farmers' Union

Bharatiya Kisan Sangh's movement is a branch of BJP. The farmers have planned a sit-in outside the bungalows of the chief minister and ministers as the issues, including equal electricity rates, have not been resolved.

8. Anganwadi was a women's worker's movement. BJP uses Anganwadi workers to build its vote bank and mobilize crowds. Whose demand has been accepted.

9. VCE Movement

10.Agitation for Increase in Salary of Home Guards

10. GISF Increment Movement

11. Outsourcing Staff Movement

12. Movement of Asha Sisters – The agreement has been reached.

13. Movement of Talati Workers

14. Movement of the Federation of Education

15. Movement of Unemployed Candidates

16. Anti-Inflation Movement

17. Maldhari Movement

18. Pass - the movement of.

19. Movement of Stores Movement of workers.

20. Reservation Bachao Andolan.

21. Movement Against Paper Scam

22. The ST bus conductors' agitation has ended.

23. Movement in front of bad roads.

24. Movement for Gaucher

25. Movement for tribal rights.

26. Movement of contractual employees of Sampoorna Shiksha

27. Movement for Caste Certificate

28. Agitation for Remaining Jobs

29. Movement to consider Panchayat Department health workers (MPHW/FHW, MPHWS/FHWS) as Tech.

30. Movement of demand of court case machine Mangalam NREGA Dismu Gram Sevako Extension Officer who is protected by the court.

31. Vidyasahayak Recruitment Movement

32. Movement for TAT Exam

33. Talati Recruitment Movement

34 Ex-Servicemen Movement

Agitation is on against 59 land and industries.

There are 59 right movements in Gujarat

In 2021, there were 305 agitations or demonstrations of farmers against dharna, protest, non-payment of price. Among them, the movement of villages against the bullet train and the movement against the giving of farmers' land to the Railways in Somnath are important.

If the government really wants to do justice, then it should do justice to these 59 movements. Because they are agitating in small groups. The government doesn't even have time to listen to them. They have few votes. That's why the government does not want to cultivate votes.

However, 20 lakh 92 thousand people are affected in 59 ongoing conflicts. He is likely to defeat 10 MLAs. Their total land of 13 lakh hectares is affected. Industry or other investment of Rs 2 lakh 50 thousand crore is affected. Actually, the real questions belong to these groups. But the 5-member committee of ministers is not ready to work for him.

Some of these 59 movements are -

59, Ongoing Conflicts Reported, 2,091,949 People Affected 1,301,281 ha, Land Area Affected (hectares)₹248,267. Investment Affected (In Crores).

Ten years on, Maldharis await compensation for lands acquired for Charanka solar park in Gujarat Charanka, Patan.

Kathwada Panchayat in Gujarat Protests against Inclusion in Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Kathwada .

Tribal Communities in Gujarat's Doswada Oppose Zinc Plant, Clash with Police, Doswada,TAPI .

80 Dalit Families Face Social, Economic Boycott in Gujarat's Banaskantha; 14 Booked, Nalasar Village in Palanpur Tehsil.

Upper-Caste Farmers Allegedly Encroach Land Allotted to Dalit Cooperative in Gujarat, Jesda village, Rapar tehsil.

Dalit Women Farmers Threatened with Eviction under Gujarat Land Grabbing (Prohibition) Act, Vautha village in Dholka Tehsil.

In Gujarat Village, Upper-caste Residents Flood Dalit Cemetery with Sewage Water, Vanthal Village, Viramgam tehsil.

7 Villages in Gujarat's Vadodara Notified Within City Limits, Residents Oppose Move, Bil, Vadodara.

45 Slum Families Served Eviction Notice Ahead of Trump's Visit to Gujarat Ahmedabad.

Pastoral Community in Gujarat's Banni Grasslands Demands Titles Recognising Community Forest Rights  Banni.

Surat Farmers Claim Fertile Land Re-included in Gujarat's Development Plan Without Consent Surat.

Gujarat Traders Organise Rally, Demand Relaxation in Land Ownership Rules in Gandhidham Gandhidham.

Farmers Oppose Limestone Mining on Fertile Land in Gujarat's Bhavnagar District Mahuva.

Residents of Vadodara in Gujarat Await Rehabilitation After Demolition of Houses, Vadodara.

Farmers Affected by Statue of Unity Boycott, Kevadiya, Vagadiya, Navagam, Limbdi, Gora, Kothi, Narmada.

Residents Oppose Waste Disposal Plant by Surat Municipal Corporation in Gujarat Olpad .

FRA Body Rejects Forest Rights Claims of Residents in Gujarat's Dangs District, Neempada, Dang.

In Ankleshwar, Activists Demand Closure of Effluent Treatment Plant for Flouting Pollution Control Norms  Ankleshwar.

Gujarat Government Misses Deadline for Coastal Zone Management Plan, Projects Stuck, Dholera.

AMC Provides Rehabilitation to Street Vendors in Ahmedabad Following Protests Against Eviction, Ahmedabad.

Farmers Demand More Compensation for Sarkhej-Dholera Highway Land Acquisition in Gujarat, Ahmedabad.

Slum Dwellers in Gujarat Displaced by Sabarmati Riverfront Await Rehabilitation, Ahmedabad

Adani's Mundra Port in Gujarat gets Government's Nod, Mangroves, Livelihoods at Risk, Mundra, Kutch.

In Gujarat, 2002 Riots Affected Families Continue to Await Ownership Titles for Houses, Ahmedabad.

Gujarat Fisherfolk Appeal in US Supreme Court against Mundra Power Plant, Mundra, Kutch,

Sikh Farmers Sell Land, Move Out of Gujarat after Attacks by Locals, Loria, Kutch,

Gujarat Farmers Demand Reallotment of Land Acquired for Jewellery Park, Ichhapore, Surat.

Farmers Demand Back Land Acquired for Salt Production in Gujarat, Rajula Jafrabad.

2,754 Gujarat Villages without Grazing Land, Residents Allege Forceful Acquisition by State Hadiyol, Devbhoomi Dwarka.

Gujarat Farmers Oppose Use of Grazing Land for Jatropha Cultivation, Demand Redistribution Anwarpura, Patan