Eknath Shinde and BJP will now break NCP and capture Mumbai city

The Mumbai Mahanagarapakila elections are to be held in November-December 2022. Elections will be announced in a few days. BJP has broken the Shiv Sena government to win in Mumbai. Amit Shah has been given the responsibility of winning Mumbai.

Eknath Shinde and BJP will now break NCP and capture Mumbai city

Ahmedabad, 13 September 2022

Preparations are underway to remove the NCP's watch from the wrists of half a dozen former NCP councillors. It is being said that all these former councilors will join the faction of Eknath Shinde. Other NCP office-bearers will also join Shiv Sena in the near future. The Mumbai Mahanagarapakila elections are to be held in November-December 2022. Elections will be announced in a few days. BJP has broken the Shiv Sena government to win in Mumbai. Amit Shah has been given the responsibility of winning Mumbai. Now power and money are being pushed to break Shiv Sena and NCP.

Modi now wants to win Mumbai. Because Mumbai is the financial capital and Adani has some responsibilities there.

Eknath Shinde has broken half of Shiv Sena. Now Shinde has laid his claim on the entire Shiv Sena. Shiv Sena has strong support of 40 MLAs and 12 MPs. Devendra Fadnavis of BJP has support. The BJP-Shinde group is strong at the moment. Since Shinde became the Chief Minister, the number of people coming to his party is also increasing day by day.  

Shinde has now resigned from the NCP a few days back after defeating Pawar's close aide Ashok Gawde. Dawde will soon join the Shinde group.

Which has shocked Ajit Pawar. With only a few months left for the municipal elections, the former councilor who supported Ajit would surely be a big blow to the NCP.

Ganesh Naik was once a big name in the nationalist party. Even today everyone agrees that not a single page of Navi Mumbai moves without his name. There was an unwritten rule that work could be done only after meeting Ganesh Naik. On the eve of the 2019 assembly elections, Ganesh Naik decided to leave the NCP, seeing the wind. Joined BJP at the behest of Devendra Fadnavis. This was a big setback for the NCP. Later the councilors who supported Ganesh Nayak left the NCP one after the other. The entry of Ganesh Naik and his supporters into the BJP was certainly a big blow to Ajit Pawar. Ajit Pawar started work focusing on Navi Mumbai. It has failed so far.

 Ganesh Naik dominated the Shiv Sena and then the NCP. Whatever the party, Ganesh Naik always maintained his dominance. When Naik decided to leave Shiv Sena, it was a setback for Shiv Sena. Naik does not leave the party alone, but along with him some public representatives, officials and workers also support Naik. Due to which the party has suffered a huge loss. After Ganesh Naik joined the BJP three years ago, the strength of the NCP in Navi Mumbai has declined significantly.

 BJP's Navi Mumbai leader and MLA Ganesh Naik was arrested. On the complaint of a woman named Deepa Chauhan, a case of rape was registered against her. She was in a relationship with Ganesh Naik for 27 years. Naik assured that when the son is five years old, he will give him his name. But later Ganesh Naik withdrew and did not provide any financial help. So now she is fighting for her rights.

 The woman has also claimed that she has a 15-year-old son from her relationship with Naik. Naik has been sexually abusing me since 1993. The woman alleges that he exploited her by threatening to kill her and offering her marriage.

 Navi Mumbai Police was looking for him. While Ganesh Naik was missing for fear of arrest. The complainant woman demands that the son born out of a relationship with her should be given his rightful name i.e. the father's name.

 Women leaders and activists associated with Navi Mumbai's NCP also opposed Ganesh Naik. NCP women activists protest outside the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Police in Navi Mumbai, demanding the arrest of Naik. The Women's Commission directly urged the police to arrest them.

 Women's Commission chairperson and NCP leader Rupali Chakankar appealed to the police to arrest Naik. Police searched his house, office and farm house in Murbad. The court had earlier rejected Naik's anticipatory bail plea in the rape case.

 A Thane court has dismissed MLA and former minister Ganesh Naik's plea for ex-arrest in both the cases registered in Nerul and CBD police stations in torture and gun intimidation cases.

 A woman who was in a relationship with Naik has accused of rape after 27 years. A case under section 376 has been registered in this regard at Nerul police station. The same woman has also filed a separate case against Naik at the CBD Belapur police station for threatening her with a revolver. In the complaint, the woman said that Nerul had physical relations with her repeatedly against her will in connection with the crime. Navi Mumbai Police also started collecting evidence and got the woman medically examined.

 DNA test of the accused was demanded.

 The cabinet reshuffle of the coalition government formed after the coup of Shinde faction was finally completed on Tuesday. The name of Ganesh Naik from Navi Mumbai is at the forefront to become a minister. Not in the first phase in view of the next municipal elections; MLA Naik's name was in the news for the second phase of elections.

 There is no end to the resentment in the BJP as the party's policy has to be worked out. But on the other hand, Eknath Shinde did a lot to remove the displeasure of the rebels. All agreements have to be made. Shinde represents Thane district.

 Ganesh Naik, on the other hand, is getting his first taste of power in Navi Mumbai. Since Ganesh Naik belongs to the Koli community, he dominates the Koli community in Thane and Palghar belts. BJP had decided to give minister post to Ganesh Naik. Despite the delicate matter surrounding the heroes; The BJP has to compromise to capture an important municipality like Navi Mumbai.

 How well the Shinde Group will accept Ganesh Nayak in Navi Mumbai is difficult to say right now. That's why BJP has to build its strength in Navi Mumbai without taking anyone's support. It became a situation for him that Ganesh Naik had to be given the post of minister.

 The formation of a new ward was beneficial for the Mahavikas Aghadi. It is harmful for BJP. The formation of the ward was in favor of Shiv Sena. But the ward for which the Shiv Sena was formed has gone into the hands of the Shinde faction. As soon as the BJP and Shinde Group came to power, it was decided to cancel the ward formation of Navi Mumbai. It has been decided to keep the composition of wards as per 2017. The decision has hurt the Shinde group with the new ward structure. Then the distance of Ganesh Naik has become heavy.

 A petition was filed in the Supreme Court on behalf of the Shinde group. The matter of disqualification of MLAs of Shinde group is in the Supreme Court. The Shinde faction, however, has claimed the Shiv Sena's election symbol Dhanush Ban. It has been claimed that the real Shiv Sena is ours. Mumbai municipal elections are likely to be held in the month of November.

 The bypoll to this seat will be held due to the death of Shiv Sena MLA Ramesh Latke in the Andheri-East assembly constituency.

 The alliance is targeting 150 seats in the Mumbai elections.

 Amit Shah held a meeting in Mumbai and called upon the MPs, MLAs, MLCs and corporators of the Grand Alliance to start preparations for the Mumbai Municipal Corporation elections in full force. After betraying the BJP, Uddhav Thackeray went against the camp. As a result Shiv Sena is going through a crisis. Thus, Shah indirectly admitted that he had a hand in breaking the Shiv Sena.

 BMC elections have not been announced yet. However, this election is likely to be held in the month of November this year. A notification to this effect may be published at any time. For this the BJP Shinde alliance is already preparing. Along with this, other opposition parties have also started the exercise to woo the voters.